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Zamlank Group of Companies comprises development companies and partner companies.

Providing an overarching solution to the demand for living spaces, the Group introduced the ‘Signature Living’ brand to the Sri Lankan real estate industry to meet people’s housing needs.

Core Values
Trust Privacy Highest Quality Eco-Friendly Sustainability Value for Money Customer Satisfaction

How we came into the development...

Our journey officially began in 2008 with the incorporation of “Nimovi Civil Engineers“ the construction company.

As we found that we were unable to develop our own concept through the construction company we incorporated our own development company, the “Zamlank Developers“ to carry out our own concept and the Brand, the “Signature Living.

To develop the Signature Living brand we incorporated our own design company the “Signature Arch International Design”.

To introduce the brand and the product into the market we incorporated our own Sales Company the “Signature Realty”.

Why group of companies?

The different Investors, who accept and acknowledge our concept and the brand, join us as individuals/companies under the wing of Zamlank Group of Companies to invest in different projects we pursue. This is so mainly in the contribution of Land and finance to a project.